Muhammad (SWS)

Muhammad (SWS) is the Muslim Bitcoin built on Binance Smart Chain network to support the Prophet’s work and help spreading his holy message all around the world.
Muhammad (SWS) defines himself as the ultimate Bitcoinkiller and aims to reach the target price of 1 SWS = 1 BTC so the initial circulating supply was set to 21,000,000 SWS just like Bitcoin.

Make Muhammad (SWS) work for you

Muhammad (SWS) automatically rewards his holders with 10% of all transactions : just hold him in your wallet to get this reflective passive income without having to claim it, and see your little Muhammad (SWS) growing constantly.
The more Muhammad (SWS) you hold, the more rewards you get, this reward is added to your initial holding, increasing your basis for the next reward. See the magic of compound interest!

Burn Muhammad (SWS) burn!

The original total supply was 100,000,000 Muhammad (SWS) but we burnt 79,000,000 Muhammad (SWS) by sending it to the dead wallet to start only with 21,000,000 SWS just like Bitcoin.
Investors also automatically burn 5% of each transaction (buy, sell, transfer) making Muhammad (SWS) a hyper-deflationary token, and increasing price over and over again.


Total/circulating supply : 100M/21M SWS
Team : 15%
Development : 10%
Marketing : 25%
Liquidity : 50%
Tax : 10% reward + 5% marketing + 5 auto-liquidity + 5% burn


Muslimpaper is the custom name of Muhammad (SWS) whitepaper, download the Muslimpaper to get detailed informations about the project.

Roadmap 2022 inch Allah

25000 twitter followers
CMC/CG listing
Major CEX listing
Huge marketing
Android/iOS app
Audit Certik


Twitter : @muslimbitcoin
Email :